The Earth’s Own Story

Earth’s Own Food Company is a pioneering healthy food & beverage company dedicated to nutritional innovation and sustainability in order to actively improve people’s lives and wellbeing.

Who is Earth’s Own?

Founded in 1998 as Soyaworld, we set out to transform an industry.

With a passion for health and wellness and a desire to give Canadians new healthy beverage choices, we brought previously niche soy beverage products to a wider audience with the introduction of soy beverages in a fresh format.

Soyaworld woke the mainstream Canadian consumer to the benefits of soy and turned the public perception of soy beverages on its head. In 1998, the company made So Good soy beverage a mainstream product, available in grocery stores Canada-wide, right next to milk.

In the ensuing years, Soyaworld grew to include additional brands: So Nice Organic, Ryza and Almond Fresh. In 2011, to better reflect a growing line-up of healthy products, and to better communicate our commitment to health, nutrition, sustainability and community, Soyaworld changed its name to Earth’s Own Food Company Inc.

Today, our recipe for success is fostering well-being in everything we do and making great tasting, healthy products that are good for consumers, their families, their communities and the planet. Earth’s Own Food Company has 126 employees who are passionate and committed to the company’s vision and continued growth. Learn more about what we do at

How We Make a Difference

At Earth’s Own Food Company, we are always looking for ways to reduce our footprint.

One of the most impactful changes we have made is to establish production facilities in both Eastern and Western Canada. This minimizes the impact shipping has on the environment and ensures that you receive the freshest product available.

Making our plants efficient as possible is another way we strive to be environmentally responsible. We currently employ a system by which the solid waste from our extraction process is returned to the earth as compost or fertilizer used in agriculture. We also participate in BC Hydro’s Power Smart Partners Industrial Program at our British Columbia facility, which enables us to maximize our energy use reduction.

In early 2010 we audited our facilities for greenhouse gas emissions. Upon completion of the audit we implemented specific reduction strategies and employee education programs which resulted in becoming a Climate Smart certified company.

We have taken considerable steps to seek out packaging partners who share our commitment to the environment. Tetra Pak, the maker of our shelf stable packaging, has introduced initiatives that have resulted in an 18% reduction in paperboard weight and a significant reduction of plastic in the inner layer of the package.Our chilled beverage packaging supplier, Evergreen Packaging, uses only paper and paperboard that  is made with renewable materials, trees from forests where responsible forestry practices are used.

Our Commitment to sustainability also extends to the ingredients we use. Though we could save money by sourcing ingredients from outside North America, we believe in using only the best wholesome North American grown ingredients wherever possible. Again the environmental impact of shipping over long distances is reduced and we all benefit from the support we provide to those that adhere to safer farming practices.

Our Brands