If you’ve got questions about soy and So Good products, we’ve got answers.

  1. What are the nutritional advantages of So Good fortified soy beverages versus dairy milk?
    Soy protein has lots positive advantages:
    So Good contains 6 to 7 grams of protein in just one 250 ml serving. Each cup also contains similar amounts of calcium, vitamin D2, B12, riboflavin as milk—but contains no cholesterol, no lactose, no animal protein or animal fat. Plus, So Good is lower in saturated fat than regular dairy milk.
  2. Is So Good made from genetically modified or GMO soybeans?
    So Good is made from exclusively non-genetically modified soy protein by Identity Preservation. This means that a monitoring system has been put in place which controls each step of the manufacturing process—from seed selection to planting and harvesting, transportation and processing—to ensure no genetically modified soybeans enter the supply stream at any time.
  3. Does So Good fortified soy beverage contain calcium?
    Each serving of So Good (250mL / 1 cup) contains 308 mg of calcium — almost 1/3 of your daily requirement (based on a 1100mg daily requirement). The calcium is added in the form of a natural mineral salt called tricalcium phosphate.
    Be careful when you shop: Some soy beverages have no added calcium at all.
  4. Is So Good lactose free?
    So Good is 100% lactose free and a perfect alternative to milk. Lactose is the natural sugar found in dairy milk and lactase is the enzyme required to break down the lactose. Some people have little or no lactase in their body which means dairy milk and dairy milk products cannot be digested. The common symptoms of lactose intolerance are stomach pains, bloating, gas, diarrhea and nausea.
  5. Is So Good cholesterol free?
    So Good is 100% free of cholesterol. Even better, it’s low in saturated fat. Vegetable oil is added to Original and Flavour varieties of So Good to provide appropriate fat levels for satisfying mouth feel and beverage smoothness (100% cholesterol free polyunsaturated non-gmo Sunflower oil or CanolaDoes So Good contain animal products?
  6. Does So Good contain animal products?
    So Good is 100% free of animal products and is suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets.
  7. Does So Good contain gluten?
    So Good products are 100% gluten-free and suitable for people with Celiac Disease.
  8. Is So Good suitable for children?
    Choose one of the fortified products for your child or teenager. These are appropriate for children aged 2 years of age and older, because they contain specific vitamins (A, D, B12, and riboflavin) and minerals (calcium and zinc) that are important for growth and vibrant good health. However, we don’t recommend that it be given to infants or children under 2 years of age. During the first two years of life, breast milk is your best choice, or alternatively an iron fortified infant formula. Both of these are high in healthful fats needed by growing infants and soy beverages are not a suitable replacement.
    For parents wanting to give fortified So Good to your infant between one and two years of age, we recommend that you consult with a health practitioner. Generally it is considered that fortified soy beverage can be a nutritional replacement for cow’s milk providing that parents provide sufficient fat in the child’s diet.
  9. Can I cook with So Good fortified soy beverages?
    So Good can be used in any of your favourite dishes where milk is called for (with the exception of instant pudding).
  10. Can I freeze So Good fortified soy beverages?
    We do not recommend freezing So Good beverages. After freezing the product may separate when thawed. It will be fine for cooking or baking after it has been frozen but it may have a peculiar texture for drinking.
  11. Why does So Good fortified soy beverage curdle in coffee/tea?
    It is believed that the tannins found in coffee and tea react with the protein in So Good which causes curdling. Always stir well when adding So Good to reduce the curdling.
  12. Do I have to use So Good fortified soy beverage within 7-10 days?
    Fresh So Good should be treated the same way you would milk, always kept refrigerated and should be consumed within the recommended 7-10 days. However, if the product is unopened both So Good Fresh in the gable carton and Shelf Stable in tetra pak cartons will last until the best before date as stated on the top of the cartons. Shelf Stable product can be stored on the shelf until the best before date, but should be refrigerated after opening and consumed within the 7-10 days (same as you would store and use the gable carton).
  13. Are So Good fortified soy beverages produced in a facility that also produces tree nuts?    Yes, our So Good beverages are produced in a facility that also produces tree nuts. As has been the case since the launch of almond-based beverages (SoFresh), our plants have followed a strict regimen of cleaning and testing for nut allergens. If any trace of nut proteins were to be detected, the products would not be released for purchase. As accredited facilities under the internationally regulated GFSI program, our plants undergo regular audits to ensure all food safety protocols are being fully adhered to at all times.